Will there be an end to all this driftin’


While I sit a my desk confined to printing invoices and returning emails I stare out the window wishing I was outside doing something creative instead. I patiently wait for the printer to “load” I tap my foot to some Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin pulsing through my ear buds. From the inside looking out I couldn’t help but to notice the winds pick up and the clouds dancing outside. More than anything I just wanted to grab my kids and throw ourselves on the lawn and find giraffes and alligators up in the skies above. But I couldn’t… they were at school and I was at work. I grabbed my nikon and a tripod and took over 3600 pictures, added one of my favorite Mike McClure songs and came up with this. Later today when we all meet again I can show them what happens over the course of an hour up there. As confusing as it may be I will also have the privilege of trying to explain to a four year how this all works.