You’ve sure got some pretty legs!


Now that I’ve got your attention…..well they are pretty legs though…. table legs.

Everyday I have good intentions to take pictures of the daily grind in the shop, but most times I just flat out forget. I was thumbing through some photos and ran across these from last month and it got my brain stirring again. Perhaps this time I will actually take the time to stop and document the “whats happening” in the shop for once. These were pictures of the legs we turned and the tables that emerged from lots of overtime in the shop. As you can see the shop is on the smaller side, mainly because we focus more on the sign making process now and not so much the furniture end. My addiction is photography, as you can probably guess from all the pictures posted throughout the site. But its real hard for me to take pictures of what Im making for two main reasons. One, I have a hard time putting the camera down after taking only a few pictures, because it just wasn’t the right angle or it was too dark, or too bright. But mostly because I get sidetracked when I’ll see a grasshopper or butterfly and chase it around like a 3 year old until my battery runs dead. Two, DUST! Everything I own is nikon, and nikons love dust! Its hard for me to bring the expensive toys to the shop, so I mainly use my phone or favorite little point and shoot. Today may be the day I start documenting the process of the daily grind. But don’t count on it, I get sidetracked pretty easily. Hey is that a vintage WW2 bomber flying over head?…… I better go get my camera.