Fishing… And the stories that we tell


As many of you know taking your little ones fishing is a blast, but at the same time can be your worst nightmare! We scheduled a family trip in some secluded cabins for the weekend just to get away from it all. Lucky for me there just happen to be a pond a short walk away. Needless to say I spent most of my time there, forgetting about work and just trying to clear my mind. Fishing seems to help me with that…. And a cooler full of beer. My little girl, now four, yearns to do everything daddy does, and this makes me feel on top of the world. I started letting her tag along several months ago and it’s been a blast ever since. Sure it’s a lot like taking a long road trip with two little ones… the boredom and the constant asking of “did we catch a fish yet” , “I’m hungry” “I’m thirsty” “daddy lets go to the park instead”. But in the end, no regrets on my part, I cherish every second. On our weekend family trip I was baiting her pink Barbie pole with the tastiest nightcrawler you have ever seen. Casted it out and went over the basics with her once again. She just smiled and said “daddy…. I know what in doing”. So I grinned back and began baited my line. Of course I was having trouble finding that perfect lure as i was digging deep into the tackle box when I heard her scream. “Daddy! daddy! I caught something…. What do I do”? I said “reel it in” totally expecting our typical catch of some small perch. She yells back “I’m trying but I can’t”! So I went to give her a hand. She was right, her little arms couldn’t even reel one rotation. Oh no a turtle I thought! So I took over and I’ll have to admit, that Barbie pole was about to snap! So I reeled and reeled until it was just yards from the ponds edge and handed it back to her to finish the job. She brought it in and I was baffled! I’m pretty sure she just caught that bass that you here about in every campfire story, and perhaps in a few country songs. I think even Robert Earl Keen would be proud! Shocked, excited, scared and amazed was written all over her ear to ear grin. She was hooked, no pun intended……… Well Maybe a little. All said and done we caught over fifteen fish and had a blast at every second. Thanks Mom and Dad for making it happen!