From salvaged roof to reclaimed entertaining


At 115 inches long, this piece was truly a pain in the ass, to put it nicely. Not that it was hard by any means, it was just in the way. As many of you know I have slowly made my way out of the furniture business, though I always seem to find a way back into it. I started making these signs on etsy, and moved to a much smaller shop where making massive pieces like this are space consuming to say the least. In the end, it was still fun to do. All the boards in this build were salvaged pieces from the 1800’s. The coolest thing about the whole build is the light colored trim around the top. Those boards were actually pieces of the roof from the house that this piece was commissioned for. The contractor vaulted the ceilings and had most of these boards going in the dumpster. Needless to say when we installed it and told the customer the story behind the top she was floored. Hope you enjoy.