Time wounds all heels.


I recently had a customer give me this idea for a custom sign to make.  I thought it was witty spawning from the phrase “Time heals all wounds”. Of course as I was on the tenth hour of my day and still standing on my feet while making this sign, it hit me.   My heels hurt!  They always hurt, but like most “guys” I never really pursued the pain.  I just went on with my day and just got used to it.  It’s funny now looking back that it took me to spell it out on a sign to actually READ the words to see that my feet hurt.  I suppose year after year of standing all day on a slab of concrete was taking its toll.  So recently I traded in my steel toed work boots in for a pair of Columbia walking/hiking shoes.  As much as I don’t want to, I’ll admit it.  My feet to feel better.  Though last week when I dropped that 100 year old beam on my toes I was cussing these shoes wishing I had my old boots on.

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Time wounds all heels