Being a kid


She doesn’t worry about when she’ll have the time to get the oil changed. Or the rising costs of the little things like milk. If she paid the bill she has been putting off until that next paycheck. Are all the doors locked when you left the house this morning? Did she turn off the coffee maker. No, and when she lays her head down at night she’s excited for what tomorrow may bring. Not the endless list of mental notes of the tasks she did that day or the ones she put off for another. She’s just being a kid. Sometimes I wonder what goes through her head when she is lost in her own world. Sometimes I wonder what it was like being a kid. Sure I was a kid once, but I can’t remember back that far. The only thing I can do is to be a kid with my kids and take pictures along the way. Take this picture for example, one I took at the local park. Is she counting the turtles she sees or is she worrying about when I’m going to say it’s time to go. Is she thinking about that ice cream cone I promised her if she was good, or is she examining the take off, landing, and hovering maneuvers of the birds across the pond. Laugh now, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Perhaps she is figuring a new way to get out of afternoon naps. Either way, she’s just being a kid. I think I want to be a kid again sometimes, and I think I will…. but I’ll still be sure to pay the bills.