Even superheroes brush their teeth.


Going on four years of being a Dad there are just a few things that are harder to do than rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time.  One, getting the kids to go to bed at a decent time, not to mention waking them up as well.  Two, brushing their teeth.  Three, trying to twist that tiny rubber band into my daughters hair to make a ponytail.  But on the good side, they both eat their weight in vegetables, which comes as shock to me.  When I was younger I would always ask for milk with dinner.  I would drink the glass about half way down, then shove my mouth full of the greens I hated.  Next, I would act like I was drinking the milk but in reality I was spitting all the nasty broccoli into the glass.  Sure the glass magically filled back up, but my parents didn’t know all the greens were in the glass.  They probably wondered why I was so eager to help wash the dishes!   This worked for about sixteen years, until I finally swallowed a piece of that putrid broccoli.  Turns out it was pretty good, and to this day I eat it all the time.  Oh well, at least I can wash dishes like nobody’s business!


Those rubber bands weren’t made for Dad’s hands!



He likes his greens… notice there is no milk!


He would rather play in his pajamas then sleep in them.