Remember when words meant something?


When is the last time you used one of these?  For some, never.  This post isn’t about typewriters, I just added the pictures because I have an obsession of taking random photos.  I embrace the technological age of facebook, twitter and texting, don’t get me wrong.  Though abbreviations and lmao’s, really start to bug me,  OMG!  When is the last time you sat down and put pen to paper and really poured your thoughts on what used to be a tree?  I’m not one to sit down a write a novel emptying a bag of bic pens, but there is just something about unfolding a piece of paper and seeing the print, hand written print. I still give my wife hand written letters now and then and she still has everyone, even the ones when we were first dating.  I’d like to think those letters mean more to her than the text I sent the other day saying “love you”.  That text is forgotten and lost and cyberspace, but those letters are nestled in an old shoebox on the top shelf.  Try it sometime, if you can remember how.