The places kids will fall asleep!


After making breakfast this morning, the kids were finally awake and full of energy. Our youngest was all over the place, hopelessly wanting to walk so badly. He crawled his way over to the jumper we have attached to the door and begged to get in. I put him in and he was off. Jumping like nobody’s business. This went on for a fifteen minutes while I was cleaning up the dishes. Meanwhile my other kid was screaming for me in the other room. So I went maybe twenty steps away from the kitchen to see what was the matter. Turns out she thought a fish had gone missing after only counting nine when there should have been ten. I recounted with her, there was ten, I think. Counting moving objects that are all the same color is talent I don’t have. I made my twenty steps back to the kitchen and found this! He jumped himself to sleep, passed smooth out! Kids…. the places they will fall asleep.