Great tilt shift work here. Check it out.

Life Through a Lens

The holidays were such a whirlwind, between shows and orders, and, of course making many, many, maaaaaany wood photo blocks, that I was starting to feel less like a creative and more like a factory. Sales are a wonderful “problem” to have, and I am so appreciative of every last one of them, make no mistake, but, having not been out with my camera in over two months, I was starting to feel a bit “closed in.” The walls of the studio were closing in on me and it was impacting my mood to where I was letting every little thing around me get to me. In short, I was starting to get tired of being around me. Ever feel that way? 🙂

So, yesterday, I decided that, without fail, I needed to step away and “get some air“. Funny enough, while I was out, a post popped…

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