Brown cows make chocolate milk


On the way to taking my kids to school this morning my three year old daughter asked me if we could feed the cows in the nearby pasture after school. Here’s how it went….

Me: We can’t feed the cows anymore because they moved.
Her: Yeah, cows go MOOOOOOOOO!!
Me: Thats right, they do, but they MOVED from one pasture to a different pasture, they are not there anymore.
Her: Yeah Daddy, thats what I said! MOOOOOOOOO!!
Me: Yes baby, they moooooooo. But I’m saying they MOVVVVVVVVED! (emphasizing heavily on the VEE sound
Her: Yes Daddy, but theres no VA VA sound in MOOOOOOOOO!
Me: sigh……….
Her: And Daddy, brown cows make chocolate milk….just so you know.

I love our little talks!