Practice, practice, practice…. art within art.


I love to draw, always have, always will. I have been a perfectionist since the first day I put pencil to paper. I’m not really sure why, but anything I start whether a painting or drawing, I will pick it apart to the point of never finishing it. Though over the last couple of years coloring with my daughter I have learned there really is no “right” way to create art, just your way. If that means scribbling outside of the lines then so be it. That shade of red is to dark, who cares, no one is going to know the difference. Besides, thats the way I meant to do it. Art within art, a photograph of her coloring. I told her she was the best little artist I know, and how did you become so good at it? She replied “I’m not little Dad, I’m big!” then she added “and Dad, practice, practice, practice, you’ll get good too.” Words to live by from my three year old. Maybe I should knock the dust off of that guitar in the corner…… and practice, practice, practice.