How to make twenty dollars last for many years


Part 2 of “It’s not as easy as it looks”

So once I finally got “the picture”  I wanted to do something original with it.  Besides my wife’s birthday was around the corner and I wanted to give her something special.   I went and had the picture blown up to 20×30 and planned on making a frame to mount above the fireplace.  But this time I wanted to try something a little different.  Here it is.

Once I got the picture printed (about $20.00)  I decided I wanted to build a frame made from some scrap plywood and mount the picture to it somehow.  This is the mount board.   A 1/4 inch sheet of plywood nailed to a 2 inch subframe.  Basically I cut strips of plywood 2 inches wide, glued them together to make 20×30, then just nailed the 1/4 plywood on top.  I decided to paint the edges black to give it a finished look.


I then took the photo and glued to the board with mod podge on the under side and on top.  Something you can find at you local craft store.  When I brushed the glue on I made sure to keep it thick so you could really see the brush strokes when they dried.


Several hours later, once it dried well it was ready to hang.  In this picture I made sure to get the reflection of the floodlight in the living room so you could really see the brushstrokes.


Just to add a cherry on the top I had the kids put their paw prints on the back in paint.  Then Ava added her own little note.