For a thousand years


My daughter singing Christina Perri’s song called a thousand years. I personally had never heard it until the day before I recorded this video. My wife recently started watching the twilight movies and heard this song. So like most of us now, she bought it from Itunes, plugged her phone in and listens to it in the car. One day it was on rotation in the playlist on the ride home and Ava heard it for the first time. Apparently when it was over she requested to hear it again…. and again. My wife and I joke she’s our little backseat dj, always requesting something. So the next day she wanted to hear it again on the way to school and back. Finally when she got home she came to me and said, “Daddy, I have a new favorite song, it’s called a hundred dollars”. My wife grinned at me and said “it’s called a thousand years”. I was relieved, I was hoping she wasn’t already asking me for money! So later that night I was working in the office and it was getting late and I heard the familiar shuffling of footy pajamas nearing my way. She says “Daddy, I can’t sleep, can I lay here on the brown couch in your office and watch you work”? I said sure, but only for a little while and you have to close your eyes. That didn’t last long! A minute into it she was now asking me to hear the “hundred dollar” song. This song was new to me and I sure didn’t have it, so I punched it into youtube and found the song. So it started to play and I had to “act” like I was doing something on my phone while I recorded her. Like any parent with a insomniac three year old you get a little upset when they won’t stay in their room at bedtime. But I’m glad she strolled into my office that night, to me I captured something I will cherish forever that I can watch over and over again. Enjoy.