Point and shoot


It all started when she discovered she could see the picture on the back of my camera instantly after she pressed the button.  Ever since then my daughter is continually getting more and more interested in photography. Did I mention she is three and a half.  This last Fathers day I got a little nikon point and shoot for the times in the house when I didn’t want to lug out the big dlsr.  Needless to say once I unboxed it and figured it all out, she figured it out as well, and stole it!  Just her size and easy to operate, my little photojournalist explored new things in the house and the jungles of the backyard.   Filling the memory card with dogs eyes, grass, nostrils, and blurry blobs, I had to give her a quick lesson of framing and waiting for the the autofocus to actually focus before pressing the button.  In no time she was snapping pictures like these.  Sometimes the little thieving photographer snags our phones, unlocks them, opens the camera app, and snaps about twenty pictures.  Sliding the camera back where she took it from, my wife and I never suspect a thing, until later when we open our camera roll and its littered with pictures of princess barbie doll or bongo the monkey, her favorite stuffed animal.   But I’ll tell you, they are some of my favorite pictures on my phone and always seem to make me smile.  With a few quick edits on my end, here are some of her pictures from a three year olds perspective.  Enjoy