Photography, to edit or not to edit…. that is the question.


To edit or not to edit?  Well if you’ve seen any of my work, I say edit.   It has been a long sought after question looming in the photography world for some time now.  Some say the perfect picture is the unedited picture, untouched, just how the camera shot it.  Sure the camera took the picture, but I want to be the creative mind behind the finished product, pick up where the camera left off.  I’ll admit some photos look “over processed” or “fake”  but in the end they stand out from the rest.  With todays technology everyone has a camera at their fingertips, so to me it is essential to stand out from the pack of overflowing images flooding the internet.  With editing a picture I can make the colors pop, the eyes tell stories, and make the image personal.  To put it perspective I will use my trade, a wood worker.  I could simply go to target and buy a desk of the shelf, bring it home, unpack it and shove it in the corner and hope it fits.  Easy right?  Of course it is.   Or I could build the same desk, choose the color I want, the texture of the wood, add more drawers and crop it to the size I need.  Now it is edited, custom perhaps.  But most of all its different and theres only one like it.

The unedited raw image

Just a couple of filters in photoshop and detail enhancements. To me, this one is finished and just the way I like it.  I love the highlights of the fuzzies all around her hat.  The detail of the veins in the leaf and the depth of field with the blurry background. Her fingertips still dirty from playing in the dirt just minutes before and the soft cool wintery tones seal the deal.

This would be the controversial image.  Perhaps I have broken every rule in photography, but I don’t care.  This one to me captures who she is in every way.  Layer upon layer built up in photoshop, softening skin tones and smudging others together.   If I could paint…. I would want it to look like this.  Though for now, I will just paint with my mouse and not a brush.