Hanging with the family


I love taking pictures, anything and everything. Though one of my weaknesses is portrait photography. I lined them along the fence, leaned them next to a tree, and even squeezed them in tight for a close up. Though not even two minutes into it I was losing the kids interest, I sat the camera down and just enjoyed the cool weather and the company of my family. But just as fast as the kids lost interest in the very poorly planned photo shoot, the sun was beginning slip behind the trees. Still not satisfied I slipped over and grabbed that clunky nikon and started snapping away. After about ten pictures or so I glanced down at the screen and knew I had got the ones I had wanted along. The unrehearsed photo, the candid photo. In my opinion, the “this is real” photo. This is one I will frame and admire for years to come. This is one I will always remember. Life happening… frozen in time.