I think I can


de·ter·mi·na·tion… noun

the act of coming to a decision or of fixing or settling apurpose.

No matter what the situation, I can always turn to my little girl for answers!  No matter what my dreams and goals are, she always reminds me to go for it.   Seems silly right, getting advice from a three year old?  Its not always what she tells me, but what she shows me.  I watched her this day as she coasted down the hill on her tricycle reaching speeds that stretched her look of concern into a ear to ear smile.  Though once the racetrack plateaued and she rolled to a stop she realized coming back wasn’t as easy.   That ear to ear grin suddenly formed into a full on face of determination!  She never gave up, hers leg on fire from the pain and beads of sweat rolling down her brow, she made it to where she once began.  She looked up at me and said “Daddy, that was hard, I need to rest a minute because my little legs hurt.”  I looked at her and said “you made it up that big hill all by yourself and now you get to race down it again!”  I watched as her ears lifted and she produced that huge smile again… and off she went.  At that point in time I lowered my camera to my side and watched her soar down that hill again.  Once again she taught me something new.  Sure, I already knew working hard paid off in the end, but she just needed to remind me.