Let me be half the man my dog thinks I am!



My buddy…

My wife and I rescued Bandit, or the Great Bandito to people he knows on a first name basis about 6 years ago.   He has become a huge part of our growing family.  Im not sure what breed(s) he is.  He has a black tongue like a giraffe and a long neck to go with it.  Pointy ears like a shepherd, and a long tail that curls down to the spine of his back.  All his markings are symmetrical on both sides, a black coat with a thick auburn undercoat.  Two dots above his eyes like a doberman and a heart as big as a blue whale!  He’s quite photogenic as well, if that falls in a breed class.  Either way, he’s a great dog and as my three year old would say, “He’s my buddy”