Washing the dogs… lesson learned


I’m usually the one handed the task of washing the dogs, and just for my amusement I asked my daughter if she wanted to help.   I was shocked by her ear to ear grin and she was ecstatic.  So off we went.  Shampoo…check, baby pool…check, dogs…… “hey where is Frito and Bandit” she asked.  I replied “not only are you about to be a professional dog washer, but I will train you in dog wrangling as well.”

Giving chase in the yard we finally found them in the corner arguing who was going to go first.  Bandit bounced into the air in the opposite direction as if to say “no way buddy, your going first.”

I forgot how much this lowrider of a dog weighed as I lugged her to the pool.  It’s funny, no matter how reluctant they are, in the end they always enjoy themselves.  It’s basically a massage with a good back scratching.

My daughter enjoyed soaping them up and scratching their bellies while they looked so beat down and pitiful.  Of course, Frito, the little one, jumps straight out of the pool and goes into a full blown sprint around the yard and ends up resting right in the middle of the closest dirt pile.  Typical.

I could tell she enjoyed bathing the dogs, mainly because the tables were turned.  She was the one giving the bath and not taking one.  Though Bandit was plotting his revenge, I could see it in his eyes.  My unsuspecting daughter had no idea.

Once finished he tiptoed out of the pool and walk up to her side.  With three or four good lapping licks on her cheeks, she patted his head and said “good boy Bandit.”  Thats when he made his move, I could see every muscle in his body flex as he jolted back and forth spraying water all over her from head to toe.  Scratching both rear paws in the lawn and sending blades of grass in her general direction, he was satisfied.  I could almost hear him laughing as he trotted off.  She just laughed and said “silly Bandit.”  Somehow I forget to mention to her to watch for the “dog shake”, but I think it was a lesson well learned.