Running out of wall space!


Like many parents, Im sure you have a ton of paintings/drawings from your little ones.   If your anything like me, I can’t stand to get rid of any of them no matter how many.   So with the stack of art increasing by the day, I had an idea.  I bought a 16 x 20 canvas at the local craft store and some modvpodge.   We took at least 10 or 12 of her drawings and glued them in a collage style to the canvas.  Once dry it was very cool just as is, but of course I had to finish it out.  I have a lot of scrap plywood laying all around the shop and decided to make a frame, though this time I thought I would try something a little different.  A good friend of mine who has a upholstery shop has a plethora of vintage fabric stacked in in shop.   Why not use it to wrap a frame?  Enjoy.