Music to my ears


In the last couple of months we acquired a electric keyboard.  It was a Christmas present for my wife, who is slowly pecking her way to becoming the next great pianist.  Sometimes our little girl will crawl up on Mom’s lap to see what it is all about.   Though in the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed her show more and more interest in those eighty eight keys.  One day she strolled right by me while I was sitting at the computer desk, crawled up onto the chair, turned the power button on, and set the volume to her liking… the highest level!  She finally got into position and composed sweet music to my ears.  You know the feeling you get when you walk past a keyboard at a electronic store and you just have to slap the keys because the kid inside of you tell you too.  Well, thats kind of what it sounded like… for anyone else.  But to me, I heard the great Chopin’s Grand Polonaise Brillante.  Well kind of!  Enjoy.

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