Shine down


In conjunction with the recent post “from condemned to constructed” I found this picture.  This is the house we tore down to reclaim the lumber for that project.  The quick story.  I was downstairs while another guy was in the attic pushing bead board from the ceiling down to me.  Finally a large part of the ceiling gave way and came crashing down and I’ve never ran so fast to get out of the way.  I called for the guy in the attic but he wasn’t answering, and just as I cupped my hands to yell again, all I saw was a size 14 boot  and boards flying!  Notice the opening above the awning.  He started kicking the boards loose to get outside and breathe.  Just a couple feet to the left of the opening you can see him standing on the awning clinching to to the roof.  Once he called back and said he was OK, we waited for the dust to settle.  Me, on the other hand, saw an opportunity for a great photo.  Enjoy.