Point and shoot… from a 18 month old photographer


Fooling around at a friends house one day I met a non award winning amateur photographer, much like myself, so we had lots in common.  His name is Cash, and he’s 18 months old.  No matter where I am, my nikon d80 is close by.  Like any other day I was taking random pictures and talking with my friend when Cash, his son,  wondered up from a nap.  I took a knee and gave him a proper greeting of a high five and knuckles, though he was more interested in what was in my hand.  “That, that”, he asked while fumbling a handful of goldfish crackers to point at my camera.  I thought to myself this may be kind of neat to see the world from a height of 22 inches.  Once we got the aiming down, I let him loose.  He flashed a grin of accomplishment after every click, he was thrilled, so was I.  Some of you may think I’m crazy for letting him run loose with such expensive equipment, to that I say, its just a camera.  You can replace a camera, you can’t replace a memory.  So now Dad has this picture to cherish for a lifetime and to share with him when they grow older. Enjoy.