Kingston Creations

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  1. Renee'

    I really enjoy reading your posts…. this one took me back to my son’s childhood and some wonderful memories that i have not thought about in a while…. thanks!

    • kingstonshots

      Thanks Ranee! I’ve heard it all my life, “they grow up so fast”! Well, its true. Im just trying to cherish every little bit I have with them. Glad you enjoyed the read.

  2. Eden

    Bet you’ll treasure these shots for years. And when she’s a famous artist, you’ll have proof you were there for the first painting 🙂

  3. Becky Kingston

    I remember this day fondly and taking the photos of the two of you painting together. I love these moments and can’t wait for many more!!

  4. Mandy

    Shad what an awesome post. You will treasure this memory always and have now shared it with so many people. I hope you have that masterpiece stored away somewhere. Miss you guys!

  5. thekiltedwoodworker

    Blimey, what a cutie! And what an amazing job she did with the background wash! You know you could totally put that on a gallery wall and listen to a bunch of hoity toity snots wax on about the existential meaning of the fiery orange streaks juxtaposed against the grey brain-like shape in the foreground, blah, blah, blah. (Sorry; five years of Art History has jaded me on contemporary art and contemporary art lovers…)

    But I do love this… She’s not a contemporary artist TRYING to be random; she is random by default. And that’s beautiful to see.

    My mom used that phrase, “Patience is a Virtue,” with me for years and years. Still don’t know what it means. 😀 Neither does my 17 month old son (who we’ve yet to give finger paints to… maybe we’ll do that this weekend).

    • kingstonshots

      Your thoughts are mine exactly! Very well written. She loves to create, and stand back and admire her creations, much like her Daddy. Give the finger paints a try, who knows you may have a artist on your hands!


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