Kingston Creations

Signs. Photography. Furniture.


  1. Joe kingston

    You shouldn’t be wasting your time building furniture. You should be spending your time writing, I am having a hard time typing this through the tears.

  2. Marcy Willman

    That is amazing! You certainly have a way with words…paint a vivid picture! So incredibly happy for ya’ll and our big happy family! Wish I was there!

  3. Leah (Vowels) Spencer

    Wow Shad – what a great writer you are. I felt like I was there! 🙂 Many congrats! Can’t wait for Ava to meet brudder!

  4. Sara Virdell

    Congratulations to y’all! Such a WONDERFUL blessing! Kingston and Kouper (did I get that right?) will have to be cousin buddies! 🙂 Y’all take care and many blessings on your sweet boy.

  5. Cindy Thrasher

    Shad – I work with your mom, who said she sent me the link to this blog, but I couldn’t find it…until I checked my Facebook page. So, I am belatedly reading this, but currently thinking, what a great writer you are, and why aren’t you earning a living at it? The picture of your daughter above is beautiful and touching, and you should be earning money at photography, too!

  6. kingstonshots

    Thanks Cindy!!

    Writing and photography have always been a passion for me. I would love to turn either or both into a career at some point in time. I just have to find that right person to find me I suppose. Thanks again for the great feedback!


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