I’m what some people like to call a movie buff, anything from documentaries to slapstick comedies, I’ll be the first to give it a watch. Though, flipping the the channels the other night I stumbled across the most oddly intriguing film. What attracted me most were the two actors. Yes, the two actors, Samuel L. Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones as the two nameless characters, Black and White. Ninety minutes of the same two guys, in the same run down apartment, arguing over what seems to be the same two issues. Both actors have seemingly limitless charisma and onscreen presence that I was fully drawn into their intimate conversation. The basis of the movie comes from Black saving White from an attempted suicide. The title of the film refers to a particular subway train in Brooklyn, a route known as The Sunset Limited, the train in front of which White intended to leap, sending him into silent, peaceful darkness. Merely by chance, or perhaps by divine intervention, Black is there on the deck to save White from his untimely demise. This becomes the basis of this dialogue-driven film, a debate into the nature of faith, God and the purpose of life. This is an journey into a realm of human mystery that has been argued for lifetimes. I’m no movie critic, and the only thing I can guarantee is that you’ll either like or love it. Either way in the end, rubbing my head as the credits rolled, I enjoyed it.