Dropped off for the trash, I just couldn’t see it go to the landfill. With cracks and holes everywhere, under its many coats of lacquer there was something beautiful. Though with the time involved to restore it to its original luster, it just wasn’t in my schedule. I stripped it down to primarily the bare wood. Then I patched all the holes and cracks. I didn’t really want to paint it, though I didn’t want to spend day and night working on it either. I made the executive decision to paint a base coat, then a top coat of antique red. I then sanded it in the places it would most likely be worn for that aged look. I really wanted to present the gorgeous tight grain of the wood. All and all I was pretty satisfied with the outcome. I re-glued what was separating and tightened all of the joints so it could be used again. Now the cushion. What to do. Well, how about yellow gator skin. Nothing screams early 1900’s rocker like yellow gator skin! Enjoy.